1. Poll results: How do we prefer to communicate at work?

    In a recent poll, we asked our visitors to vote for their favourite communication channels. The answers are in, and here are the results.

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  2. turnīrā otro gadu pēc kārtas triumfē “Tele2SSC” komanda

    Sestdien, 20.augustā, noritēja nu jau par tradīciju kļuvušais pludmales futbola turnīrs IT kompānijām. Šogad tika sasniegts dalībnieku rekordskaits – deviņas komandas, bet par uzvarētājiem otro gadu pēc kārtas kļuva “Tele2SSC”, kas finālā ar rezultātu 3:1 pārspēja “Evolution Gaming”.

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  3. How to make your New Year's resolutions stick?

    A guide for forming habits.

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  4. LatCraft invites to DevTernity

    The autumn has just started, but it is the best time to plan December. What to do on the first winter day? Spend it with the most passionate software craftsman people in DevTernity 2015!

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  5. Sun, sand, football. LikeIT annual football tournament in retrospective.

    On Saturday, August 29th, the fourth annual IT job board’s beach football tournament took place in Kipsala beach. The participants of the tournament are Latvian IT companies, that, in place of habitual IT conferences and intellectual events, chose their strongest men (and women) to send them in the field of sand in order to compete in their football mastery. This year, their team spirit, physical readiness, and the ability to realize their strategic goals on their own tested eight companies: Autentica, CTE, DPA, Eptron, Exigen Services, Scandiweb, Tele2 SSC, and Tieto.

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