The autumn has just started, but it is the best time to plan December. What to do on the first winter day? Spend it with the most passionate software craftsman people in DevTernity 2015!
DevTernity 2015 is an intensive, full-day, non-stop conference for those who care about software craftsmanship.
The importance of software craftsmanship is increasing constantly. Software development made right can unlock a lot of hidden potential in organisations, and the goal of DevTernity is to help people learn what “right” actually means and how to get there. This winter, DevTernity kicks-off as the biggest software craftsmanship conference in Baltics. DevTernity will gather 300+ IT professionals from Latvia and countries nearby - Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Conference is programming language agnostic and covers topics valuable for developers, testers, architects, team leads, development managers and ops professionals.
With zero tolerance to marketing, we aspire to cover modern approaches to coding, architecture, testing, big data, engineering scalability and operations challenges. It’s a great opportunity to learn directly from the best speakers and practitioners in our industry. Notably, conference is organised in honour of well-established Latvian Software Craftsmanship Community anniversary and will be held in National Library of Latvia on 1st of December.
We’ve already received confirmation from well-recognised rock-star speakers including Simon Brown, Sandro Mancuso and Sven Pet and it’s just the beginning. Engineering and operations leads from the hottest companies including Amazon, Spotify, ThoughtWorks, Pivotal, Twilio will also be there.
Early registration is running. This year we've limited number of tickets to 300, so don’t wait for the last moment and join us!
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Information prepared by Eduards Sizovs. Feel free to reach out to him with further