On Saturday, August 29th, the fourth annual IT job board’s www.LikeIT.lv beach football tournament took place in Kipsala beach. The participants of the tournament are Latvian IT companies, that, in place of habitual IT conferences and intellectual events, chose their strongest men (and women) to send them in the field of sand in order to compete in their football mastery. This year, their team spirit, physical readiness, and the ability to realize their strategic goals on their own tested eight companies: Autentica, CTE, DPA, Eptron, Exigen Services, Scandiweb, Tele2 SSC, and Tieto.

This year the companies chose to not only give a possibility for the sportsmanship to manifest itself, but also to help in reaching a noble goal – the teams responded to the proposal to support the youth football club SK Imanta, enabling the youngest players to start the next season in new uniforms.

Appreciating the cooperation and enthusiasm that was displayed by the teams, the Latvian Football federation presented a special prize for the winners of the tournament – an opportunity for the whole team to attend the Latvian national football team’s match against the Czech squad on September 6th in the Skonto stadium.

Before the tournament all teams were split into two subdivisions by drawing lots to be able to arrive and begin the game on two fields in Kipsala beach under the supervision of qualified referees on Saturday. The organisation of the tournament was professionally taken care of by the Riga football federation.

During the subdivision matches a surprise was caused by the Autentica team who won the three-times winners, the Tieto team, with a result 1:0. Each subdivision game turned out to be intense – the teams were fighting for the chance to get in the semi-finals.

The semi-finals were played out between the holders of the first two places in each subdivision. While fighting for the entrance in the final, Tele2 SSC overcame Exigen Services with a result 4:0, and Tieto got in the final, winning Eptron with 1:0.

The match between the first place between Tieto and Tele2 SSC teams turned out to be so fierce that even after the extra time the score was still 2:2, and the winner had to be determined with the help of the kicks from the penalty mark. Tele2 SSC goalkeeper Andrejs Korols demonstrated an excellent mastery and selflessness; thus as the champions of this year’s football tournament were proclaimed the Tele2 SSC players, while the so far undefeated Tieto team took the honourable second place.

In the game between Eptron and Exigen for the third place Eptron turned out to be victorious, to whom Exigen gave in with a score 0:3. The fifth place in the match against DPA won Scandiweb with a result 3:1, while the winners of the seventh place CTE prevailed over Autentica this time with a result 2:0.

The referees of the tournament also nominated the receivers of special nominations – Jānis Strupišs from Tieto was recognized as the most valuable player, Andrejs Korols from Tele2 SSC received the best goalkeeper title, and the best female player turned out to be Vita Irbe from Exigen. The most attractive team also was rewarded; this year this title rightfully went to the enthusiastic DPA players, which were supported by a team of cheerleaders.

Riga football federation and LikeIT team express their gratitude to the participants and fans of the tournament. We will see you in the LikeIT Summer Cup 2016!



Preliminary rounds

A subdivision

Tele2SSC x 3:1 4:0 0:1 7:2 6 2
3 3 0
Autentica 1:3 x 1:3 1:0 3:6 3 4
0 0 3
Dpa 0:4 3:1 x 1:5 4:10 3 3
0 3 0
Tieto 1:0 0:1 5:1 x 6:2 6 1
3 0 3

B subdivision

B Exigen Eptron Scandiweb CTE GOALS POINTS RANK
Exigen x 1:0 0:0 2:1 3:1 7 1
3 1 3
Eptron 0:1 x 2:0 1:0 3:1 6 2
0 3 3
Scandiweb 0:0 0:2 x 4:1 4:3 4 3
1 0 3
CTE 1:2 0:1 1:4 x 2:7 0 4
0 0 0

Elimination games

Semifinals for 1.-4.places

"Tieto" - "Eptron" 1:0
"Tele2 SSC" - "Exigen" 4:0

For 7.place

"Autentica" - "CTE" 0:2

For 5.place

"DPA" - "Scandiweb" 1:3

For 3.place

"Eptron" - "Exigen" 3:0


"Tieto" - "Tele2 SSC" 2:3 (2:2 after the regulation game)