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AGroup SIA

SIA AGroup – leading HR and payroll software development company in Eastern Europe with over 550 clients in 22 countries, calculating 250,000+ payrolls.


  • Developing Payroll and HR solutions in Eastern Europe for almost 15 years
  • Over 550 clients including multinational like DHL, ADP, AIG, Phillips, Sony, City Group, Unilever etc.
  • Localized products used in 22 countries
  • 250,000+ employees on HRB® Payroll and HR solutions
  • Serving a broad spectrum of industries, including banking & finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, oil & gas, public sector
  • Offering scalable payroll solutions, capable of supporting organizations with up to 100,000 employees
  • Products can be integrated with all mainstream business solutions such as Oracle, SAP, Sun Systems, Microsoft Navision / AX, 1C etc.
  • Providing multi-lingual, multi-platform tools with end user oriented reporting & BI tools


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