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Andris Smits

WiFi as you Go is an awesome app to get access to free WiFi hotspots wherever you are! WiFi as you Go also offers you very cheap roaming access in many countries with 100s of thousands WiFi commercial hotspots.


WiFi as you Go allows you to:

  • access for free to WiFi hotspots added by other WiFi as you Go users
  • find and connect WiFi hotspots worldwide with one single account
  • turn your own phone or home WiFi into WiFi hotspot, share it with other WiFi as you Go users and get instant rewards


Always stay online with WiFi as you Go!


WiFi as you Go covers all the main countries with most popular venues like airports, restaurants, hotels and many more.


Low cost data access on commercial WiFi networks worldwide.


* Subscribe to WiFi as you go by choosing monthly or yearly package

* Have an unlimited internet access wherever you are

* Save on charges while traveling



Free WiFi on the other WiFi as you Go users’ hotspots.


What makes WiFi as you Go so special:


* seamless access to free hotspots: no authorization required!

* available on all mobile phones

*   easy set up

*   reward program


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