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Mea has built a Digital Payment Platform to enable a range of digital payment services, such as Tokenization, HCE, OEM Pays and Secure Remote Commerce. Built to support any payment schemes, the platform enables card digitization to any wallet application and wearable device for mobile and digital payments; all through a single connection.

The platform is built to reduce the time-to-market, simplify the integration effort and reduce the risks for card issuers.

MeaWallet is a Mastercard Engage Gold partner, and part of VTS Ready Program and an Amex GNS partner for Amex Pay. What sets Mea apart from our competitors is that we are a product company and not a consultancy company. We are a scale-up in a market of a few "dinosaurs", and several start-ups. We have no legacy business or products but have been around long enough to have built a proven, scalable platform on modern technology.

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Gustava Zemgala gatve 76, Riga, 1039, Latvia


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