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Proof IT

This year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary. Over these years we have developed a wide variety of enterprise software products and apps for different industries – starting from insurance services IT solutions used by the largest insurance companies in the Baltics to Border Guard process management solutions, employee self-service solution for Latvenergo and many other custom projects for companies in Latvia and worldwide.

Our Culture:

In our culture, we have eliminated job titles, as we don’t believe in limiting your interests and growth patterns with the regular job description. With us, you can choose your own direction based on your interests and strengths at any current moment.

For us, teamwork, mutual respect, trust and support, knowledge sharing, openness to new things and eagerness to learn are essentials/foundation on which we build our company.

We all come from different backgrounds, but we all complement each other in the creation of innovative products. We have a growth mindset and a climate that facilitates constant development and inspires to seek new knowledge to improve developed products.


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