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We are a fresh team of people passionate about making THE NEXT WEB. We believe the next evolution of Internet will be based on Progressive Web Apps. 


Why? Basically, it is UX and speed of mobile app without the need for App Store - instant download and update as well as single code base across web and mobile devices! 


We love the tech stack that is based on decoupling of front-end and back-end such as React, Redux, GraphQL and we look for people with similar interests. 


So far we have made PWA storefront for eCommerce and happy that our product made in Latvia is already used by large eCommerce retailers in Asia and Western Fortune 500 companies such as Universal Music. 


Our team needs more developers like you because we face enormous demand for this solution and dream of having ALL major eCommerce store front to be run on ScandiPWA solution!


ScandiPWA is OPEN SOURCE, but we also have scalable PWA cloud based on Kubernetes cluster tech.


Exciting? Drop us a line to welcome@scandipwa.com - we always have time and happy to talk to potential team members! 


See you on board, and lets PWA! 

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