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SIA Anatomy Next

Anatomy Next puts the needs of students and professors at the forefront. The educational tools we create are precise, reliable, and easy to use. Above all – they are designed to convey the rich complexity of gross anatomy in a simple, intuitive manner. Two key groups we work with are medical students and artists.

Anatomy.app is a cutting-edge teaching and learning tool with a vast library of interactive 3D anatomy models based on precise radiological data. The platform helps educators expand and enhance their anatomy classes with teaching and learning tools that are as powerful as the technology students use every day.

Founded in 2015, we began our story in the art world. Our Anatomy for Sculptors book series (Understanding the Human Figure, Anatomy of Facial Expressions, Form of the Head and Neck) are bestsellers among artists, medical professionals, and plastic surgeons.

Soon after books' successful releases, we entered the medical education field. We have since developed several products for medical students and educators, including a platform known as anatomy.net – a free, lightweight anatomy encyclopedia appreciated by a million users in 2019 alone.

Whether it is digital software or printed books – our products reflect our passion for information design. It is principally essential to us that all the tools we develop present complex subjects clearly and understandably. While doing that, we preserve the depth of information.

Committed to this philosophy is a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, artists, university professors, and information designers. They have all come together to create accessible educational tools of exceptional quality.


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