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Tele2 Shared Service Center

“Tele2 Shared Service Center” (Reg.No. 40003690571) was established in Riga in 2004 as a part of a Tele2 AB group. Our team of 350+ invisible heroes liberate their potential to connect more than 17 mill customers around the world.

If you ask, what we do, then the answer could be the following – basically Tele2 SSC is the backbone for all 8 Tele2 group countries providing such key services to our customers as telecommunications systems services, network operation services, finance & accounting services, etc.

In the fast-changing world with IoT, AI and Automation, we are continuously and fearlesly challenging the status quo and ourselves.

If you’re ready for fast and fearless progress, for incomparable opportunities and growth without borders, join us!

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Welcome to Tele2

My name is Leonid, I am 30 years old Latvian citizen - leading Order Management department in a Tele2 Shared Service Center company in Riga.

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