Chili Labs

B2B IT Sales Specialist

Chili Labs - Cēsu iela 31 k-2
1200 - 1800

Chili Labs team is looking for a B2B IT Sales specialist

If you are not afraid of challenges and are willing to boost your career really fast, then Chili Labs is the perfect fit for you.

We just celebrated our 6th year as a company! Without a dedicated sales team and anyone who does it full-time, we are ready to change that.

You will need to identify and approach our prospective clients, understand what is their business and how can he help them to do it better. Sell and upsell our services, and products and keep the great contact for the future.

What we expect from you:

  1. Advanced english both written and spoken
  2. Previous experience in sales
  3. Previous work in IT is a bonus 

What you will do: 

  1. Cold emails / calls
  2. Marketing plan creation 
  3. Social media presence & content posting
  4. LinkedIn marketing
  5. Google ads management, targeting
  6. Search for fresh and alternative ways to find leads

What is provided: 

  1. Great product to sell
  2. Set up sales department
  3. Ability to innovate and create sales approaches
  4. Friendly and supportive team
  5. Openness to experiments
  6. Data-driven decisions

What you can expect from us: 

  • Working with the newest technologies and collaboration software
  • Sales on 
  • Dedication to your growth – you will be working with our CEO as your mentor
  • Have breaks from intense work – we play kicker every day, pull-up stand, and have a balance board to keep you in shape
  • Care for your health – Adjustable standing tables, so you have more options on how to comfortable work, medical insurance after the probation period
  • Contribute to the world – various open-source applications-https://github.com/ChiliLabs/ and charity projects
  • We write articles to help the world – our medium blog link – https://medium.com/chili-labs
B2B IT Sales Specialist
Cēsu iela 31 k-2
Chili Labs
1200 - 1800 (+ bonuses)
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