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Senior backend developer with stake in the company (Language-agnostic)


My business partner and I are looking to enter a partnership with a senior backend developer for a start up. This is not a safe job offer. We offer no guarantees. Even though we thoroughly believe in what we're making and are actively developing it, you should be acutely aware that we are NOT offering a comfortable 9-5 job with dental and corporate team building bullsh*t.

Feel free to call the number below any time and/or send your CV to the email address provided.


  • To oversee and actively participate in the backend development of the MVP (RoR+Vue.js web app as MVP, later versions most likely will differ)
  • In case of success after MVP (proven sales, acquired funding), we will continue development, possibly in a different backend language. We will need you to oversee the department of backend development in the long run, as well as still participate in development.


  • To be able to adapt to any programming language within a short period of time, but obviously, within reason. 
  • To be available for emergencies 24/7 (only after launch of product, not during MVP development). 
  • To be interested enough in the project to foster a sense of responsibility and motivate you to do your job to the absolute best of your abilities. 
  • We are not going to undermine your experience with technical interviews, but you need to have a track record that shows your ability to get stuff done. 

We offer

  • 10% stake in the company. Negotiable, based on what you can offer. 
  • Remote work.
  • No guarantee of success.
  • In case of success, an incredible position and oportunity, especially if you're also entrepreneurially minded. 

Additional information

Deadline for application:
Nov 28th, 2019
Riga (but you can be wherever)
Contact person:
Roberts Dirnēns
Contact phone:
+371 20055914
Type of job:


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