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Live in Latvia - build for the World!

Scandiweb is a local startup run by guys and girls from Latvia accepting big challenges and finding beautiful solutions for brands like Jaguar, New York Times, Ford, Nestle, Walmart and Lancome. We've made sure that Fortune 500 companies know that Latvia is the best place for digital solutions, and we've had a great deal of fun doing it!

Millions of people use our solutions every day - when they buy a new car, a wedding ring, funny socks or even condoms! Yeah, we made sites for HappySocks and Durex too!

What's next? We put Latvia on the map for eComerce solutions and now we have a way bigger goal! We want that whenver you tell someone that you are from Latvia, the first thing that pops into their head is Scandiweb.

Join us! Help us do for Latvia what Skype did for Estonia, Spotify for Sweden and Linux for Finland!

We welcome Copywriters, who are expected to:

  • First and foremost - learn and beopen minded.
  • Have perfect English.
  •  Be pedantic - you can spot a double space and it gets on your nerves (did you notice the double spaces and typos in the intro?)
  •  Understand the weight words have and you know how to utilize it to get results.
  • Be able to work with information - no matter what topics gets thrown at you, you can take the information and weave it into a text, narrative, or sales pitch.
  •  Have Tech and Business understanding - important, but not paramount.
  •  Have an advanced understanding of how social media works.
  •  Know what SEO is and how content impacts it.
  •  Like a challenge - from crafting the perfect CTA, to writing lengthy articles and even whitepapers, you like to challenge yourself and try new things.
  •  Work with various digital tools to improve workflow.
  • Be curious.


What does it take to become a Copywriter?

  • send your CV or a simple e-mail to hr@scandiweb.com saying you want to join us
  • have a conversation - we will get back to you very soon!
  •  come to an interview to meet the team and learn more about our daily life
  •  complete a test to see if you meet the requirement to be part of the team


The test is both to evaluate your linguistic skills, as well as get an insight into how you work with information.


What is it like to be a Copywriter?

  •  you are part of Scandiweb's Digital Marketing team
  •  you create new content masterpieces on a daily basis
  •  you write, edit, review various texts, from internal and external social media posts to landing page copy, to meta descriptions, to articles and more.
  •  you help with steering and maintaining Scandiweb's and our clients' content strategies in the right direction
  •  you work with colleagues to gather information for articles
  •  you contribute to projects with unique insights


  • Our team is well paid at competitive rates
  •  Paid vacation
  •  Paid sick leave and health insurance
  •  Paid summer office - relocate during Latvian winter to Morocco, Malta, Cyprus or Bali
  •  Crowd Bonus - every month colleagues reward each other
  •  Covered parking place
  •  Friday dinner with the company
  •  Atomic Parties - get funding for your  party idea, ask our HRs how much fun is happening
  •  Legendary parties, including the biggest corporate event in the Baltics, ScandiFest! Take part in fire walking, pottery making and many more fun and challenging activities!
  •  Monthly pocket money - get small stuff on your own without bureaucracy
  •  Covered sports activities in addition to health insurance
  •  We want you to stand up and play - office foosball, ping pong and snooker
  •  Optional travel abroad to meet our amazing customers and work together
  •  Paid conferences, from local ones to ones in London, San Francisco and Las Vegas
  •  Flexible working hours - students are welcome!
  • 24/7 access to any of our offices. Choose your own place and style of work
  •  Treats and vitamins: fruits, honey and ginger will make you feel warmer in the cold season.
  •  Paid dry cleaning of your clothes - just hang them and get them cleaned back in a few days
  •  Weekly workshops on new technologies from your colleagues + professional certification
  •  Top-end equipment of your choice
  •  Access to our free and ever-growing library
  •  And much more…


When we say we're flexible…

We really mean that! Scandiweb is very friendly and open to students and we understand that you might have other commitments - family, a person you have to care for, personal projects and more. Hence, we encourage you to tailor your work day around this!

We also value people for who they are and what they do - as long as you have the drive and ability to do what we do - we don't expect nor care about previous work experience! Just show us what you got!

Additional information

Deadline for application:
Mar 21st, 2019
from 400 up to 2000 EUR + bonuses
Contact person:
Experience Team
Contact phone:
25 772 902
Type of job:


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