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Digital Care & Support Web Developer - Senior

There are 3 unusual facts about Support in Scandiweb:

1ST - there is very little bug fixing,
2ND - there is no "manager", there is nobody between you and the customer,
3RD - there is no "other guy", you are 100% trusted to do live deployments for Fortune 500 companies.

Let me explain each of them.

Firstly, we mostly work on new features, change requests, security enhancements, upgrades and conversion rate improvements. There are blockers and fixes, but they constitute less than a quarter of our work.

Secondly, there is no overbearing Project Manager. We believe that all Support Developers can develop communication talent to figure out what customers want, why they want it, suggest the optimal solution, implement it, test it, deploy it and celebrate! One man army!

Thirdly, it is THE THRILL of being the one taking the whole story from A to Z and eventually deploying your changes to the LIVE environment of a multi-million dollar business.

What's more?

We work in small teams of 5-7 people guarding customers' businesses, figuring out solutions together, learning, sharing knowledge and just having crazy parties after a stressful week. Each team carries a superhero name - ready to kick-start Team Lacplesis?

There is a lot of freedom, for example, we set a goal to get 200 THANK YOUs from clients and go to a company-sponsored 2-week trip to Valencia. We received more than 300 THANK YOUs in one month, went to Valencia and what an adventure it was!

Solving hard problems brings people closer together, so there is a true family feeling in Scandiweb Support with its own culture, memes, celebrations, and superheroes on our t-shirts.

Drop us a line, let's arrange a short intro - come and meet the legendary team making Latvian developers the number one choice for brands like Jaguar, New York Times, Peugeot, Durex, Walmart, HappySocks and so many more!

We welcome Senior Support Developers, who are expected to:

  • be ready to re-start - our team will shake you up, shake off the dust and open up new horizons in your career
  • even if you know a LOT of stuff, we expect everybody to share their solutions, as it helps others learn from you and improve even the best delivery
  • be prepared to engage in direct communication with the final customer - they know their business very very well, but they do not know the tech. It takes an extra layer of experience to get their THANK YOU.

You can check out this article -goo.gl/7sUQSK -to get a sense of our customer's sentiments towards the Support team.

What does it take to become a Senior Support Developer?

  • send your CV or a simple e-mail to evija@scandiweb.com saying you want to join us
  • have a phone conversation - we will get back to you very soon
  • complete a test to see if you meet the minimum requirement to become part of the team
  • come to an interview to meet the team and learn more about our daily life
  • pair program with a team member and have a technical conversation

What is Scandiweb

Live in Latvia - build for the World!

Scandiweb is a local startup run by guys and girls from Latvia accepting big challenges and finding beautiful solutions for brands like Jaguar, New York Times, Ford, Nestle, Walmart and Lancome. We've made sure that Fortune 500 companies know that Latvia is the best place for digital solutions, and we've had a great deal of fun doing it!

Millions of people use our solutions every day - when they buy a new car, a wedding ring, funny socks or even condoms! Yeah, we made sites for HappySocks and Durex too!

What's next? We put Latvia on the map for eCommerce solutions and now we have a way bigger goal! We want that whenever you tell someone that you are from Latvia, the first thing that pops into their head is Scandiweb.

Join us! Help us do for Latvia what Skype did for Estonia, Spotify for Sweden and Linux for Finland!


  • Our team is well paid at competitive rates
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave and health insurance
  • Paid summer office - relocate during Latvian winter to Morocco, Malta, Cyprus or Bali
  • Crowd Bonus - every month colleagues reward each other
  • Covered parking place
  • Friday dinner with the company
  • Atomic Parties - get funding for your  party idea, ask our HRs how much fun is happening
  • Legendary parties, including the biggest corporate event in the Baltics, ScandiFest! Take part in fire walking, pottery making and many more fun and challenging activities!
  • Monthly pocket money - get small stuff on your own without bureaucracy
  • Covered sports activities in addition to health insurance
  • We want you to stand up and play - office foosball, ping pong and snooker
  • Optional travel abroad to meet our amazing customers and work together
  • Paid conferences, from local ones to ones in London, San Francisco and Las Vegas
  • Flexible working hours - students are welcome!
  • 24/7 access to any of our offices. Choose your own place and style of work!
  • Treats and vitamins: fruits, honey and ginger will make you feel warmer in the cold season.
  • Paid dry cleaning of your clothes - just hang them and get them cleaned back in a few days
  • Weekly workshops on new technologies from your colleagues + professional certification
  • Top-end equipment of your choice
  • Access to our free and ever-growing library
  • And much more…

Additional information

Deadline for application:
Jan 25th, 2019
Salary (gross):
from 1200 up to 2000 EUR
Contact person:
Contact phone:
Type of job:


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