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INTERNSHIP: Growth Marketing Specialist

We are a software product development company now branching out into robotics, precisely consumer, personal robots. We have a vision that in the coming years robots will shift from being industrial creatures working at the large factories to being personal robots, assistants and companions to us humans.

We envision similar changes like what happened with computers to happen with robots. Computers were large industrial ones than personal, then wearables. And robots are to undergo a shift from industrial to personal following Moore's law and benefiting from cloud computing and 5G.

As a company working with top global brands worldwide, we have ample possibilities to connect with different markets and opportunities to test our robots and have markets for their use.

Growth Marketing Intern - what does it mean?

Our Marketing team is involved in various marketing initiatives - supporting Scandiweb internal startups, organizing conferences, selling tickets for webinars, working with Scandiweb top client base, leading cold outreach processes and much more!

Only one thing combines all these activities together: they are always focused on GROWTH! Getting higher conversions for our client store, selling more tickets to the conference, capturing more cold leads...

Whom are we looking for?

  • We are looking for young talents who want to dive deep into Growth Marketing science
  • You will be working shoulder to shoulder with similar mind-set people solving real-life Growth challenges e.g. how to increase the subscription count for the SAAS design product

We value and seek three characteristics for this role above all else:

  • you need to have an analytical mindset to problem-solving
  • you need to be good with people
  • and you need to be dedicated to learning and improving yourself both as a professional and as a person

How to apply?

  • Apply to the job ad
  • Fill out the necessary details and we will get back to you very soon with the next steps
  • Wonder what those are? Usually a phone call, test assignment and a technical interview


  • Commitment to your professional growth - we'll provide you with necessary courses, learning materials and mentorship to support your growth
  • You will work on interesting, complex and innovative projects with senior colleagues to help you adapt fast
  • Optional flexible working hours
  • Access to a free and ever-growing library
  • Active and interesting Online Office - games, gatherings, discussions, activities…
  • and more! You will find it out when you join the interview!

Additional information

Deadline for application:
Jun 23rd, 2021
Salary (gross):
up to 600 EUR + bonuses
Contact person:
Experience Team
Contact phone:
25 772 902
Type of job:


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