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Junior Design Project Manager

I will tell you one thing that may make you remember Scandiweb, every time you do ... anything.

How is it possible?

Think about cars for example… Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, BMW, Jaguar or Land Rover? We built their sites to sell their cars.

Wearing socks, maybe HappySocks? Well, we built their stores too!

Applying L'Oreal or Lancome makeup? That's our customer!

Running in PUMA shoes? Their eCommerce store was made by Scandiweb!

Buying tickets at airBaltic.com or visiting THE MET museum in New York? Made in Scandiweb. Enjoying … hmm… yeah, we made an official Durex site too!

Junior Design Project Manager- what do you mean? 

Experimenting is in our DNA. From time to time we launch internal products - some are failing, others are surviving and growing into something yet unknown.

One of such products is transforming the way how the design service is perceived. 

On the one side, there is a design team producing the highest quality design: 

  • our designs helped sell $20 million worth of virtual currency in a week
  • our designs convinced leaders from Facebook, Google and Uber to travel to Riga and speak at a local conference
  • our designs are breaking into as of yet untapped opportunities and markets, e.g. designing fintech products for vegans

On the other side, there is a client. Dozen of clients, from different parts of the world, with different design requests. Satisfying the client needs is our core competence, and it is the only task for the Customer Success Manager. 

We are looking for a person who can get into the client shoes and master the art of overdelivering.

What does it take on practice? 

Overdelivering client expectations is art, and we will help you to master that. On a daily basis, you will ensure that client satisfaction is growing, by:

  • Learning the real need our client’s business is solving with our products
  • Tracking the KPIs and identifying “red flags” and “green flags” 
  • Stepping in “red flag” cases, overtaking the communication with clients in that case
  • Optimizing team operational processes “red flags” go to zero in the long run
  • Managing and retaining relationships with existing clients
  • Be responsible for the customer journey within our platform
  • Setting up daily priorities for designers
  • Joining the development of growth strategies 
  • Hands-on possibility to set up & negotiate partnerships
  • Driving true value for customers

Whom are we looking for?

Any person who read until that moment and started to think “WOW, that sounds like my dream job! Looks challenging, but it can’t scare me.” 

On top of it, the ideal Junior Design Project Managerhas:

  • Multitasking in the blood
  • Experience with sales & business operations
  • Understanding of how Graphical Design is produced in modern companies
  • Interest to drive change management, build aligned tooling and develop methods to measure and systemize CS KPIs 
  • Have experience in a continually changing environment where you are agile and able to adjust strategies and realign priorities (aka the ability to adapt)
  • Comfortable in the dynamic atmosphere of a technical organization with a rapidly expanding customer base
  • High emotional intelligence and ability to work under pressure
  • Experience with Success technology tooling (eg HubSpot, Looker, CS tools etc.)
  • Achieve operational excellence

Ready to try?  

  • Apply to the job ad 
  • Fill out the necessary details and we will get back to you very soon with the next steps
  • Wonder what those are? Usually a phone call, test assignment and a trial day together


  • Professional certification
  • Active and interesting Online Office - games, gatherings, discussions, activities…
  • Crowdbonus - every month colleagues reward each other 
  • Commitment to your professional growth
  • Health Insurance
  • Language course coverage
  • Access to a free and ever-growing library
  • and more! You will find it out when you join the interview!

Additional information

Deadline for application:
Jun 14th, 2021
Salary (gross):
from 600 up to 1500 EUR + bonuses
Contact person:
Experience Team
Contact phone:
25 772 902
Type of job:


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