LikeIT jobs LikeIT | Your work in Information Technologies starts here! 60 LikeIT KohanaPHP Application Specialist at Swedbank <h1><strong>About the job</strong></h1> <p>At Operational Risk value stream we develop and maintain web-based applications for internal governance, risk management, assurance and control needs. Our application services are mainly based on external infrastructure, some also on internal. As an application specialist you will take care of daily maintenance activities, solving incidents and problems, by that securing quality within delivered service.</p> <p>Your responsibilities will include:</p> <ul><li>Solving incidents related to the software and data part of the application, keeping contact and being primary contact for other IT teams providing infrastructure when solving issues</li> <li>Testing of upgrades and reporting bugs and errors</li> <li>Keep application related documentation up to date</li> <li>Take part in transition activities</li> <li>Manage service life-cycle related activities and change management of applications</li> <li>Solve Service Requests as 2nd and 3rd level of support</li> <li>Have a close and long-term collaboration with the business stakeholders</li> <li>Proactively suggest and implement improvements for keeping and raising application quality and improving maintenance efficiency (Service Improvement List)</li> <li>Act as team player in the cross functional team and constantly improve the way of working</li> <li>Plan and estimate the work together with the team</li> <li>Collaborate with the APO to refine the product backlog to identify that the most valuable things being worked on first</li> </ul><p>Your main stakeholders will be Group Risk, Group Compliance, Group Internal Audit, Group Finance, Group Information Security, Group IT. Your service portfolio will include applications in use still being actively developed on external platform and internally hosted service.</p> <p> </p> <h1><strong>What you need to succeed</strong></h1> <p>You should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge and skills:</p> <ul><li>University degree in software engineering or similar, or proven work experience in the field</li> <li>User and/or administrator experience with ServiceNow vendor products for ITSM, GRC, SecOps, other is beneficial</li> <li>Knowledge of Swedbank and/or enterprise level IT landscape and platforms (such as Microsoft, Linux, mainframe and/or TDE) and its relevance for owned applications</li> </ul><p>To succeed in this role, you also need to have and be:</p> <ul><li>Structured, systematic, interest in details</li> <li>Solution-oriented and customer-centric</li> <li>Open-minded and keen to learn new things</li> <li>Good communication skills</li> <li>Strong team player</li> <li>Proficient in oral and written English</li> </ul><p><strong> </strong></p> <h2><strong>What you may have worked with previously</strong></h2> <ul><li>System Analyst</li> <li>System Administrator</li> <li>Requirements specialist</li> <li>Test Manager/Coordinator</li> </ul><p><strong> </strong></p> <h2><strong>Potential next steps in your career after this job</strong></h2> <ul><li>Scrum Master</li> <li>Business Analyst</li> <li>Agile Product Owner</li> </ul><p><strong> </strong></p> <h1><strong>Why work with us</strong></h1> <p>Being part of a team developing an integrated Risk &amp; Compliance platform is a fantastic opportunity to understand how Swedbank manages risks, build your network and grow with the team.</p> <p><em> </em></p> <h2><strong>Why join us?</strong></h2> <p>Swedbank is the bank for the many. We’re on a mission encouraging people to save for a better future to help people, businesses and society to grow through a healthy and sustainable economy. Working with us is about creating value for our customers, colleagues and society. We believe in a diverse and inclusive work place, and we want all our employees to feel valuable and have the prerequisites to perform at their very best. Inspiring and learning from each other is what move us forward. By working together, we make a difference! Join us in our journey and find out more about us at:</p> <p><em> </em></p> <p>Salary for this position ranges between 1800-2700 EUR gross i.e. before taxes*.</p> <p>*In Swedbank salary offer for the candidate is determined based on the predefined salary ranges for the position, and depends on the level of competence, experience of the candidate, country market situation and local tax system. Salary is one part of the overall remuneration including variety of other benefits and many opportunities provided by Swedbank.</p> <p><em>Pursuant to Section 34.5 of the Credit Institutions Law and for the purposes of legitimate interests of Swedbank, the formal employment restrictions and integrity requirements of the shortlisted candidates will be assessed.</em></p> <p><em>We may begin the selection under the application period, so we welcome your application as soon as possible.</em></p> <p><em>Nothing of interest for you – recommend the job to a friend!</em></p> <p> </p> <p><em>To apply, please follow the link:</em></p> Riga Thu, 21 May 2020 12:45:34 +0300 Swedbank Tue, 02 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Application Specialist Information Technologies QA Test Engineer (Manual) at SIA Decta <h2>Responsibilities</h2> <ul><li>Analyzing requirements</li> <li>Designing test cases</li> <li>Identifying and planning the required tests</li> <li>Gathering and managing test data</li> <li>Test execution</li> <li>Logging outcomes and verifying test execution</li> <li>Analyzing, evaluating, submitting and retesting defects</li> </ul><h2>Requirements</h2> <ul><li>Minimum 1 years of experience in Quality Assurance</li> <li>Knowledge of software test methodologies/procedures and the overall<br />product development lifecycle</li> <li>Strong verbal and written communication skills in Russian and English</li> <li>Efficiently regulate and prioritize tasks</li> </ul><h2>Desireable skills and abilities</h2> <ul><li>Experience with JIRA and Confluence or similar tools</li> <li>Experience with some Test Case Management system</li> <li>Experience in content writing</li> </ul><h2>We offer</h2> <ul><li>Support from experienced software engineers</li> <li>Competitive salary</li> <li>Health Insurance</li> <li>Regular bonuses</li> <li>Modern office</li> <li>Tea, coffee, cookies and fruits</li> </ul> Riga Tue, 19 May 2020 11:53:50 +0300 SIA Decta Tue, 30 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 QA Test Engineer (Manual) Information Technologies QA Engineer - Automation at Neotech Development SIA <h2>Your key responsibilities</h2> <ul><li>Be in charge of developing and maintaining test plans and test cases for each release cycle of the product</li> <li>Develop and maintain automated tests and execute manual test cases</li> <li>Perform functional and regression testing</li> <li>Maintain and write necessary documentation</li> <li>Be a part of a team and strive for excellence in own job</li> </ul><h2>Your skills and experience </h2> <ul><li>2+ years of experience in test automation (preferably Selenium, Selenide)</li> <li>2+ years of hands-on experience in manual testing</li> <li>Knowledge of Git, Jenkins, Selenium WebDriver</li> <li>Good practical knowledge of quality assurance tools, packages and methodologies</li> <li>Experience in Mobile Touch Browser and Mobile Application Testing associated with Manual and Automation (Appium experience)/Regression execution would be considered as an advantage</li> <li>Previous experience in finance or gaming fields will be beneficial</li> <li>Excellent understanding of software development lifecycle</li> <li>A self-starter and a quick learner</li> <li>Confidence in own ideas while being open for discussion with others</li> <li>Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, creativity and attention to details</li> </ul><h2>Our offer </h2> <ul><li>Attractive remuneration package &amp; benefits, such as health insurance, trainings etc.</li> <li>Flexible, informal environment, attention to work-life balance &amp; flat org. structure</li> <li>Friendly, positive, professional and highly engaged team </li> <li>Fun and bright office space with free parking, great coffee and Daugava &amp; Old Town views!</li> </ul> Riga Mon, 18 May 2020 11:54:01 +0300 Neotech Development SIA Thu, 25 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 QA Engineer - Automation Information Technologies Spēļu un aplikāciju programmētājs (NodeJS, Firebase, React Native) at Draxo Games <h2>Pienākumi</h2> <ul><li>izstrādāt sistēmas (spēles, aplikācijas) un to sastāvdaļas atbilstoši sniegtajām vadlīnijām un prasībām</li> <li>nodrošināt izstrādātās programmatūras uzturēšanu un uzlabošanu</li> <li>veikt koda atkļūdošanu</li> </ul><h2>Prasības</h2> <ul><li>zināšanas tādās programmēšanas valodās/rīkos kā NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native, Firebase un RealTime Database (jebkura papildu vide ir pluss)</li> <li>spēja strādāt gan pastāvīgi, gan komandā, kā arī plānot pašam savu laiku</li> <li>prasme mācīties un apgūt jaunas zināšanas</li> </ul><h2>Mēs piedāvājam</h2> <ul><li>stabilu un konkurētspējīgu atalgojumu</li> <li>iespēju strādāt 100% no mājām</li> <li>izaugsmes iespējas.</li> </ul> Remotely Fri, 15 May 2020 09:48:12 +0300 Draxo Games Tue, 30 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Spēļu un aplikāciju programmētājs (NodeJS, Firebase, React Native) Information Technologies Penetration tester / ethical hacker (WEB applications) at SEC Consult <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Description</strong><br /><br /></p> <ul><li>    Conducting manual WEB application penetration tests and code security reviews</li> <li>    Carrying out network-level penetration tests</li> <li>    Creation of customer-specific development measures to eliminate identified weak points</li> <li>    Reviewing architectural concepts and creation of design patterns</li> <li>    Creating security concepts</li> </ul><p><br /><strong>Requirements</strong><br /><br /></p> <ul><li>    Passion for information security</li> <li>    Understanding of concepts of at least one of the following technologies: Java EE, ASP.NET, PHP</li> <li>    Ideally, prior knowledge in the field of WEB or general application security</li> <li>    Good command of written and spoken English</li> <li>    Knowledge of OWASP vulnerability classes, OWASP testing guide</li> <li>    Experience with common operating systems (Windows, *nix)</li> <li>    IT knowledge (operation and/or application development)</li> </ul><p><br /><strong>Company offers</strong><br /><br /></p> <ul><li>    Exciting and varied work at an international top security consultancy with team members from Austria, Germany and Singapore</li> <li>    Excellent opportunity to improve the existing information security know-how</li> <li>    From 1500 EUR salary before taxes for a junior role to 2600 EUR salary before taxes or even more for a mid. or senior level role.</li> <li>    OSCP, OSWE, CEH, LPT or similar certification</li> <li>    Free parking, snacks and gaming activities at the office</li> <li>    Trips to information security conferences (Infosecurity Europe and others)</li> <li>    Possibility to work remotely</li> </ul><p> </p> remote Wed, 22 Apr 2020 11:32:08 +0300 SEC Consult Tue, 30 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Penetration tester / ethical hacker (WEB applications) Information Technologies Full Stack JS Developer at SIA "Arbor Medical Korporācija" <p dir="ltr"><strong>Mēs no tevis sagaidam</strong></p> <ul><li>Spēcīgas JavaScript, NodeJS zināšanas</li> <li>Pieredzi/labas zināšanas kādā no populārākajiem JS freimworkiem (Angular/Vue/React utml.)</li> <li>Rūpīgu atieksmi pret darbu un savu kodu</li> <li>Spēju strādāt gan vienam, gan komandā</li> <li>Analītisku domāšanu</li> <li>Spēju patstāvīgi un operatīvi risināt jautājumus</li> <li>Latviešu un angļu valodas zināšanas sarunvalodas līmenī</li> <li>Prasmes SQL query sastādīšanā (zināšanas MSSQL tiks uzskatītas par priekšrocību)</li> <li>Zināšanas/pieredze arī citās programmēšanas valodās tiks uzskatītas par priekšrocību</li> </ul><p><strong>Ikdienas uzdevumi/ Darba pienākumi</strong></p> <ul><li>Programmatūras izstrāde jauniem projektiem</li> <li>Esošu projektu uzturēšana un attīstīšana</li> <li>Dalība sistēmas izstrāžu plānošanā, analītika</li> <li>Dalība sprinta plānošanas un novērtēšanas sesijās</li> </ul><p dir="ltr"><strong>Mēs piedāvājam</strong></p> <ul><li>Pilnībā apmaksātu darba telefonu un veselības apdrošināšanu</li> <li>Mūsdienīgu datoru</li> <li>Dinamisku darba vidi privātā uzņēmumā</li> <li>Darbu zināmos projektos, ar interesamtu tehnoloģiju iesaisti</li> <li>Iespēju strādāt visos projekta posmos, gūstot plašu pieredzi</li> <li>Cilvēcisku attieksmi, minimālu birokrātisko slogu</li> <li>Iespēju pilnveidoties</li> <li>Darba vietu Dienvidu tilta klusajā galā (Meistaru 7, Valdlaučos - blakus SEB bankas centrālajai ēkai), ar ērtu satiksmi un bezmaksas auto stāvvietu.</li> <li>Atalgojumu pārbaudes laikā no 1750-2700 eiro (Bruto) ar iespējamām izmaiņām pēc tā.</li> </ul><p dir="ltr"><strong>Papildus informācija</strong></p> <ul><li>Sūti savu CV uz e-pastu, norādot vakanci un obligāti pievieno arī neformālu aprakstu par pieredzi un paveiktajiem projektiem, lai varam gūt priekšstatu par Tavu iemaņu atbilstību mūsu prasībām. Ja Tev ir GitHub, GitLab vai Bitbucket konti – droši norādi arī tos</li> <li>Jautājumus par vakanci sūtiet</li> <li>Atbildēsim tikai pretendentiem, kurus aicināsim uz pārrunām</li> </ul> Riga Thu, 09 Apr 2020 18:54:05 +0300 SIA "Arbor Medical Korporācija" Thu, 04 Jun 2020 07:00:00 +0300 Full Stack JS Developer Information Technologies Senior .NET developer for an innovation-driven Scandinavian Insurance company (up to EUR 4100 gross) at Taubers Consulting e. K. <h2>About you:</h2> <ul><li>You feel comfortable <strong>speaking and writing English</strong>. You probably do, since you read this text ;)</li> <li>Programming is your <strong>passion</strong>! You are <strong>skilled in C#</strong> and feel like a fish in the water with <strong>web development</strong></li> <li>Well, <strong>clean code</strong> is important to you and you strive to learn and use best known practices!</li> </ul><h2>What the working-day will be like:</h2> <ul><li>You don't come to work, but you come to a place of <strong>new opportunities</strong> to learn, grow and impact many lives, who use meaningful software tools built by you and your teammates!</li> <li>Say "Hi" to your work-family and build <em>great things together</em>!</li> <li>You go home <strong>happy and not stressed</strong>. This is one of the great benefits, when working on developing internal software products in a well-organized and Scandinavia-inspired work-enviroment. Especially good for people with <em>families</em> at home. </li> </ul><h2>We offer</h2> <ul><li>To really see what we offer - <em>you need to see us</em>, our work enviroment, our team and the variety of challenging projects we're busy with building.</li> <li>We offer challenging tasks, which enable you to <strong>grow and learn.</strong></li> <li>Do not underestimate <strong>the power of talented team</strong> around you: this is your new enviroment, which you can give to your own personal development.</li> <li>We work hard and we party hard - again you need to see us to comprehend the full meaning of it.</li> <li>We <strong>don't code for food</strong> and won't let you feel like you should do. We reward our hard-working talents with <strong>generous salary and bonus packages</strong>, adding on top of it <strong>various other benefits</strong> you will enjoy.</li> <li>Annual bonus: up to 10% of total annual salary, after you've been with us for a while.</li> </ul><p> </p> <p>Let's talk!<br /><br /><br />Just send your updated CV ( to apply, and we will get in contact with you within the same or next business day.</p> Riga Sat, 14 Mar 2020 20:45:52 +0200 Taubers Consulting e. K. Thu, 31 Dec 2020 23:59:59 +0200 Senior .NET developer for an innovation-driven Scandinavian Insurance company (up to EUR 4100 gross) Information Technologies QA Engineer at Risk Focus <h2>Responsibilities</h2> <ul><li>Develop automated tests to improve coverage (Java &amp; JUnit &amp; Selenium, UI and REST API)</li> <li>Perform manual testing when not possible to automate or when not yet automated</li> <li>Compile run reports for the team and for stakeholders if needed</li> <li>Identify and document application bugs in Jira</li> <li>Analyze test results and create and disseminate bug tracking reports</li> <li>Create and update documentation on an ongoing basis</li> <li>Complete other on-demand tasks that may arise during development and launch</li> </ul><h2>Requirements</h2> <ul><li>Minimum Education level of Bachelor of Science in IT or relevant field</li> <li>A minimum of 2 years QA automation or Development experience</li> <li>English speaking skills so that you can effectively communicate to our overseas part of the team</li> <li>Strong motivation to learn new skills</li> <li>Interest in IT and Systems Quality</li> </ul><h2>We offer</h2> <ul><li>A great team of friendly professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with each other</li> <li>Mentoring and coaching (for your work at Risk Focus and overall in your career progression)</li> <li>Work in a successful and growing international multi-cultural team and company</li> <li>Development of interpersonal, technical, and language skills in practical real-life situations</li> <li>The opportunity to grow both technically and professionally</li> <li>A great compensation package that reflects your personal career achievements</li> </ul> Riga, Gustava Zemgala Gatve 76, 12 floor Fri, 06 Mar 2020 20:02:15 +0200 Risk Focus Wed, 31 Mar 2021 23:59:59 +0300 QA Engineer Information Technologies Senior Web Developer at Adevo IT, SIA <h2>Responsibilities</h2> <ul><li>Analysis of system requirements</li> <li>Creating and enhancing the technical architecture of new and existing solutions</li> <li>Programming and maintenance of web-based applications and web services</li> <li>Participating in the software quality assurance process</li> <li>Consulting and sharing knowledge with other developers</li> </ul><h2>Requirements</h2> <p><strong>You have to have:</strong></p> <ul><li>Good understanding of the IT development life cycle and SCRUM</li> <li>Good English language skills</li> <li>Ability to understand code written by other developers</li> <li>Good communication skills and positive attitude</li> <li>Ability to craft quality code</li> <li>Extensive experience with PHP, HTML, CSS and modern Javascript</li> <li>Extensive experience with SQL and NoSQL databases - MySQL, MongoDB</li> <li>Extensive experience with frameworks and libraries such as Laravel, Symfony, Node.js, Express, Angular, React</li> </ul><p><strong>It would an advantage, if you have:</strong></p> <ul><li>Experience with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, WooCommerce</li> <li>Experience with popular CMS platforms such as Joomla, Wordpress</li> <li>Experience with Docker, Linux, Redux</li> <li>Experience with mobile hybrid app frameworks such as React Native, Ionic</li> <li>Familiarity with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins</li> <li>Experience in C#</li> </ul><h2>We offer</h2> <ul><li>Work experience with international projects</li> <li>Interesting and diversified projects with ability to realise your own ideas</li> <li>Dynamic job in modern working environment</li> <li>Flexible working hours</li> <li>Office in the center of Riga</li> <li>Internal learning seminars organised by employees</li> <li>Motivating salary</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Friendly and helpful work atmosphere</li> <li>Not a bonus but rather a fact - official work, full taxes paid</li> </ul> Riga center Thu, 27 Feb 2020 17:11:05 +0200 Adevo IT, SIA Fri, 12 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Senior Web Developer Information Technologies