LikeIT jobs LikeIT | Your work in Information Technologies starts here! 60 LikeIT KohanaPHP DevOps/Kubernetes Trainee Engineer at A–Heads Consulting <h2 dir="ltr">Responsibilities</h2> <ul><li>Design and maintain secure, compliant, resilient, and scalable cloud architectures on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure</li> <li>Infrastructure and application delivery and improvements with CI/CD tools</li> <li>Ensure Availability, Performance and Readiness of our environments</li> <li>Improve our Monitoring, Auditing and Alerting, ensuring real-time system observability and availability</li> </ul><h2 dir="ltr">Requirements</h2> <ul><li>Minimum 2 years in Server Administration or Software Engineering</li> <li>Cloud/VM basics</li> <li>Containers and container orchestrators basics</li> <li>General skills in CI/CD, Git, Linux/Mac, Networking, Security</li> <li> <p dir="ltr">Fluency in ssh</p> </li> </ul><h2 dir="ltr">You will broaden Your experience with</h2> <ul><li>Latest technologies in DevOps</li> <li>Best practices of Kubernetes running on Azure and AWS</li> <li>Security/Networking in Clouds</li> <li>Infrastructure as Code philosophy</li> <li>CI/CD best practices</li> </ul><h2>We offer</h2> <ul><li>We have a nice office in Riga, but remote is ok</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Flexible working hours</li> <li>Flat hierarchy</li> <li>Paid trainings &amp; certifications</li> <li>Opportunity to grow</li> </ul> Riga Tue, 26 May 2020 10:15:45 +0300 A–Heads Consulting Fri, 19 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 DevOps/Kubernetes Trainee Engineer Information Technologies Technical SEO Intern at On The Map Marketing, Inc. <h2 dir="ltr">Responsibilities</h2> <ul><li>Review and evaluate client websites</li> <li>Identify SEO errors and main technical SEO issues </li> <li>Understand website structure and how crawlers work </li> <li>Fix website errors </li> <li>Utilize SEO tools to analyze clients’ websites and determine possible improvements </li> </ul><h2 dir="ltr">Requirements</h2> <ul><li>Fluent in English </li> <li>Skills in HTML, CSS, and WordPress</li> <li>Team-oriented mindset</li> <li>Meticulous attention to details </li> </ul><h2 dir="ltr">How to apply:</h2> <p dir="ltr">Send us an email with your CV and a few sentences about your background and why you think you would be a great match for our team.</p> <p> </p> <p dir="ltr">Email the information to <strong></strong></p> <p> </p> Riga Mon, 25 May 2020 18:50:52 +0300 On The Map Marketing, Inc. Fri, 19 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Technical SEO Intern Information Technologies Application Specialist at Swedbank <h1><strong>About the job</strong></h1> <p>At Operational Risk value stream we develop and maintain web-based applications for internal governance, risk management, assurance and control needs. Our application services are mainly based on external infrastructure, some also on internal. As an application specialist you will take care of daily maintenance activities, solving incidents and problems, by that securing quality within delivered service.</p> <p>Your responsibilities will include:</p> <ul><li>Solving incidents related to the software and data part of the application, keeping contact and being primary contact for other IT teams providing infrastructure when solving issues</li> <li>Testing of upgrades and reporting bugs and errors</li> <li>Keep application related documentation up to date</li> <li>Take part in transition activities</li> <li>Manage service life-cycle related activities and change management of applications</li> <li>Solve Service Requests as 2nd and 3rd level of support</li> <li>Have a close and long-term collaboration with the business stakeholders</li> <li>Proactively suggest and implement improvements for keeping and raising application quality and improving maintenance efficiency (Service Improvement List)</li> <li>Act as team player in the cross functional team and constantly improve the way of working</li> <li>Plan and estimate the work together with the team</li> <li>Collaborate with the APO to refine the product backlog to identify that the most valuable things being worked on first</li> </ul><p>Your main stakeholders will be Group Risk, Group Compliance, Group Internal Audit, Group Finance, Group Information Security, Group IT. Your service portfolio will include applications in use still being actively developed on external platform and internally hosted service.</p> <p> </p> <h1><strong>What you need to succeed</strong></h1> <p>You should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge and skills:</p> <ul><li>University degree in software engineering or similar, or proven work experience in the field</li> <li>User and/or administrator experience with ServiceNow vendor products for ITSM, GRC, SecOps, other is beneficial</li> <li>Knowledge of Swedbank and/or enterprise level IT landscape and platforms (such as Microsoft, Linux, mainframe and/or TDE) and its relevance for owned applications</li> </ul><p>To succeed in this role, you also need to have and be:</p> <ul><li>Structured, systematic, interest in details</li> <li>Solution-oriented and customer-centric</li> <li>Open-minded and keen to learn new things</li> <li>Good communication skills</li> <li>Strong team player</li> <li>Proficient in oral and written English</li> </ul><p><strong> </strong></p> <h2><strong>What you may have worked with previously</strong></h2> <ul><li>System Analyst</li> <li>System Administrator</li> <li>Requirements specialist</li> <li>Test Manager/Coordinator</li> </ul><p><strong> </strong></p> <h2><strong>Potential next steps in your career after this job</strong></h2> <ul><li>Scrum Master</li> <li>Business Analyst</li> <li>Agile Product Owner</li> </ul><p><strong> </strong></p> <h1><strong>Why work with us</strong></h1> <p>Being part of a team developing an integrated Risk &amp; Compliance platform is a fantastic opportunity to understand how Swedbank manages risks, build your network and grow with the team.</p> <p><em> </em></p> <h2><strong>Why join us?</strong></h2> <p>Swedbank is the bank for the many. We’re on a mission encouraging people to save for a better future to help people, businesses and society to grow through a healthy and sustainable economy. Working with us is about creating value for our customers, colleagues and society. We believe in a diverse and inclusive work place, and we want all our employees to feel valuable and have the prerequisites to perform at their very best. Inspiring and learning from each other is what move us forward. By working together, we make a difference! Join us in our journey and find out more about us at:</p> <p><em> </em></p> <p>Salary for this position ranges between 1800-2700 EUR gross i.e. before taxes*.</p> <p>*In Swedbank salary offer for the candidate is determined based on the predefined salary ranges for the position, and depends on the level of competence, experience of the candidate, country market situation and local tax system. Salary is one part of the overall remuneration including variety of other benefits and many opportunities provided by Swedbank.</p> <p><em>Pursuant to Section 34.5 of the Credit Institutions Law and for the purposes of legitimate interests of Swedbank, the formal employment restrictions and integrity requirements of the shortlisted candidates will be assessed.</em></p> <p><em>We may begin the selection under the application period, so we welcome your application as soon as possible.</em></p> <p><em>Nothing of interest for you – recommend the job to a friend!</em></p> <p> </p> <p><em>To apply, please follow the link:</em></p> Riga Thu, 21 May 2020 12:45:34 +0300 Swedbank Tue, 02 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Application Specialist Information Technologies Penetration tester / ethical hacker (WEB applications) at SEC Consult <p style="text-align:justify;"><strong>Description</strong><br /><br /></p> <ul><li>    Conducting manual WEB application penetration tests and code security reviews</li> <li>    Carrying out network-level penetration tests</li> <li>    Creation of customer-specific development measures to eliminate identified weak points</li> <li>    Reviewing architectural concepts and creation of design patterns</li> <li>    Creating security concepts</li> </ul><p><br /><strong>Requirements</strong><br /><br /></p> <ul><li>    Passion for information security</li> <li>    Understanding of concepts of at least one of the following technologies: Java EE, ASP.NET, PHP</li> <li>    Ideally, prior knowledge in the field of WEB or general application security</li> <li>    Good command of written and spoken English</li> <li>    Knowledge of OWASP vulnerability classes, OWASP testing guide</li> <li>    Experience with common operating systems (Windows, *nix)</li> <li>    IT knowledge (operation and/or application development)</li> </ul><p><br /><strong>Company offers</strong><br /><br /></p> <ul><li>    Exciting and varied work at an international top security consultancy with team members from Austria, Germany and Singapore</li> <li>    Excellent opportunity to improve the existing information security know-how</li> <li>    From 1500 EUR salary before taxes for a junior role to 2600 EUR salary before taxes or even more for a mid. or senior level role.</li> <li>    OSCP, OSWE, CEH, LPT or similar certification</li> <li>    Free parking, snacks and gaming activities at the office</li> <li>    Trips to information security conferences (Infosecurity Europe and others)</li> <li>    Possibility to work remotely</li> </ul><p> </p> remote Wed, 22 Apr 2020 11:32:08 +0300 SEC Consult Tue, 30 Jun 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Penetration tester / ethical hacker (WEB applications) Information Technologies IT Drošības risinājumu konsultants at WeAreDots <h2>Tavs ieguvums mums pievienojoties</h2> <ul><li>Pieredze ar dažādiem darba uzdevumiem un pienākumiem (auditi, ielaušanās testi, u.tml.) un tehnoloģijām (web lapas, industriālās iekārtas, bankomāti, u.c.)</li> <li>Darbs nelielā, bet profesionālā komandā, kas iekļaujas lielākā, IT infrastruktūras ekspertu nodaļā - redzesloka un zināšanu paplašināšana ir droša</li> <li>Praktisko iemaņu papildināšana specializētā drošības apmācību sistēmā Cyber Range</li> <li>Iespēja iepazīt dažādas industrijas un klientus</li> <li>Stabils atalgojums, veselības apdrošināšana, uzņēmuma apmaksātas brokastis, elastīga darba iespējas, komandas pasākumi un citi labumi</li> </ul><h2>Labprāt Tev uzticēsim</h2> <ul><li>Daudzpusīgus IT un IS drošības projektus: IT procesu un procedūru auditus, IT tīklu drošības auditus, ielaušanās testus, u.c.</li> <li>Izveidot un uzturēt IT drošības dokumentāciju, pārskatus un atskaites</li> <li>Ieviest, uzturēt un administrēt drošības risinājumus klientiem</li> <li>Uzturēt regulāru un profesionālu komunikāciju ar klientu visā projekta laikā</li> <li>Piedalīties jaunu produktu un pakalpojumu ieviešanā un izpētē</li> <li>Sagatavot un vadīt drošības apmācības klientiem, ja Tevi nebaida uzstāšanās auditorijas priekša</li> <li>Sadarbojoties ar pārdošanas komandu, piedalīties piedāvājumu un līgumu sagatavošanā (tehniskie risinājumi, līgumu tehniskie pielikumi, projektu dokumentācija, u.tml.)</li> </ul><h2>Tava pieredze un prasmes</h2> <ul><li>Vismaz 3 gadu pieredze IT drošības jomā līdzīgā amatā vai nopietna interese par kiberdrošību komplektā ar līdzvērtīgu pieredzi (piemēram, datorsistēmu administratora amatā), uz kā bāzes būvēt jaunās zināšanas</li> <li>Zināšanas par ugunsmūri un to darbības principiem</li> <li>Izpratne par izstrādi un infrastruktūru, kas lieti noderēs sistēmu drošības projektos</li> <li>Priekšrocība, ja šie saīsinājumi Tev nav sveši: TCP/IP, MS Active Directory, DBVS (MSSQL, MYSQL), OS (Linux, Windows, iOS), VMWARE</li> <li>Apņēmība un vēlme mācīties un iegūt profesionālo zināšanu sertifikātus (piemēram, CEH  vai OSCP); izcili, ja kāds no šiem sertifikātiem jau ir Tavā īpašumā</li> </ul> Rīga Sat, 18 Apr 2020 09:46:55 +0300 WeAreDots Tue, 02 Jun 2020 07:00:00 +0300 IT Drošības risinājumu konsultants Information Technologies IT infrastruktūras un drošības risinājumu nodaļas vadītājs/a at WeAreDots <h2>Tavs ieguvums mums pievienojoties:</h2> <ul><li>Uzticēsim Tev vadīt stabilu un uzticamu biznesa vienību, ar skaidri definētiem pakalpojumiem un klientu bāzi </li> <li>Lieliska speciālistu komanda, kas papildinās arī Tavas zināšanas </li> <li>Tavi lēmumi tieši ietekmēs uzņēmuma darbu, to efektivitāti varēs ātri pārbaudīt darbībā</li> <li>Mēs atbalstīsim Tavu izglītošanos, sertificēšanos un zināšanu papildināšanu</li> <li>Kā ikviens mūsu darbinieks, saņemsi stabilu atalgojumu, veselības apdrošināšanu un citus bonusus, kā arī izmantosi tādus labumus kā apmaksātas brokastis, komandas pasākumi, u.tml. </li> </ul><h2>Labprāt Tev uzticēsim:</h2> <ul><li>Pārvaldīt un uzturēt nodaļas darba procesu tā, lai klientiem sniegtie risinājumi atbilstu uzņēmuma mērķiem un industrijas labajai praksei</li> <li>Rūpēties par savu komandu – motivēt un attīstīt esošos profesionāļus, iesaistīties jaunu speciālistu piesaistē</li> <li>Kopā ar pārdošanas ekspertiem veicināt pakalpojumu attīstību un pārdošanu</li> <li>Paaugstināt pakalpojumu un uzņēmuma atpazīstamību, piedaloties konferencēs, semināros un citos līdzīgos pasākumos</li> <li>Ar savu piemēru veicināt darbinieku interesi par attīstību un jaunu prasmju iegūšanu; veidot darba vidi, kurā tiek atbalstīta jaunu ideju ieviešana</li> </ul><h2>Tava pieredze un prasme:</h2> <ul><li>Vismaz 5 gadu pieredze IT infrastruktūras un/vai drošības jomā</li> <li>Vismaz 3 gadu pieredze vadošā amatā un padoto vadībā</li> <li>Pieredze projektu vadībā vai pakalpojumu sniegšanā klientiem</li> <li>Novērtēsim sertifikātus, kas apliecina Tavas IT zināšanas un pieredzi</li> <li>Lieliskas komunikācijas prasmes, drosme un pieredze publiski uzstāties</li> <li>Interese par cilvēku vadīšanu, ticība cilvēku spējām un vēlmei attīstīties<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></li> </ul><p><br /><br /></p> Elizabetes iela 75, Rīga Thu, 02 Apr 2020 21:12:38 +0300 WeAreDots Sun, 31 May 2020 07:00:00 +0300 IT infrastruktūras un drošības risinājumu nodaļas vadītājs/a Information Technologies Senior JAVA developer for a unique Berlin based SaaS-company in Riga office (@VEF). Start at EUR 3800 gross + bonuses at Taubers Consulting e. K. <h2 class="p1">Your skills</h2> <ul class="ul1"><li class="li2">Profound knowledge in JAVA programming</li> <li class="li2">Bachelor (or comparable level) in Computer Science or similar</li> <li class="li2">English language at least B2 Level</li> </ul><h2 class="p1">Teams and Tasks</h2> <p class="p4">We are looking for a developer to become part of 3-5 developers who are managing the SaaS Platforms.</p> <p class="p4">Tasks include e.g.</p> <ul class="ul1"><li class="li2">High performance algorithms for searching flights</li> <li class="li2">Connecting to internal data sources, both SQL and NoSQL</li> <li class="li2">Providing and consuming JSON/XML APIs</li> <li class="li2">Business Process Modelling (BPMN)</li> <li class="li2">Optimizing source code quality and deployment</li> </ul><h2 class="p1"><br />Tools, Technologies and Processes used</h2> <ul class="ul1"><li class="li5">JAVA 10</li> <li class="li5">Git</li> <li class="li5">Eclipse and IDEA </li> <li class="li5">Spring </li> <li class="li5">Microservices </li> <li class="li5">Hibernate </li> <li class="li5">MAVEN </li> <li class="li5">Jenkins, Bamboo </li> <li class="li5">Docker </li> <li class="li5">Jetty </li> <li class="li5">MySQL </li> <li class="li5">Redis </li> <li class="li5">SOAP/REST/JSON </li> <li class="li5">BPMN, ActiveVOS</li> <li class="li5">SonarQube</li> <li class="li5">Kanban, Scrum</li> <li class="li5">Atlassian Tools (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket)</li> </ul><h2 class="p1"><br />You'll get</h2> <ul class="ul1"><li class="li2">Opportunity to work in environment of exceptional software engineers (both in Berlin and Riga)</li> <li class="li2">Opportunity to occasionally work from the office in Berlin, while staying in the flat of the company and enjoying the beauty of Berlin</li> <li class="li2">Competitive salary package</li> <li class="li2">Entry-level salary EUR 3800 (gross), which will be reviewed annually or sooner (according to your own performance)</li> <li class="li2">Annual Christmas-bonus EUR 1500 (gross)</li> <li class="li2">Experience on international projects</li> <li class="li2">In case you don’t feel like working from the office on particular day, just tell your team and work from home</li> <li class="li2">Chance to work in the long-term-focused company with low employee turnover rate due to enjoyable company atmosphere and culture</li> </ul><p><br />Please send your updated CV ( to apply, and we will get in contact with you within the same or next business day.</p> Riga (VEF/Domina territory) Wed, 29 Jan 2020 13:19:01 +0200 Taubers Consulting e. K. Mon, 12 Oct 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Senior JAVA developer for a unique Berlin based SaaS-company in Riga office (@VEF). Start at EUR 3800 gross + bonuses Information Technologies Site Reliability DevOps Engineer Latest Cloud Techs at n-fuse SIA <h2>Responsibilities</h2> <ul><li>Manage our Bare Metal Cloud Environment</li> <li>Enable micro services applications to run in a cloud environment</li> <li>Design cloud based solutions for clients with AWS and Azure</li> <li>Consult in operational concerns like backups, fault resilience, scalability</li> </ul><h2>Requirements</h2> <ul><li>Docker</li> <li>Kubernetes</li> <li>Linux</li> <li>Programming skills</li> <li>English language skills</li> <li>Optimal: German language skills</li> <li>We are also open if you want are coming from a different IT field and want to learn something new</li> </ul><h2>We offer</h2> <ul><li>Very flexible working model</li> <li>Top equipment (Laptop, mobile phone) for best availability</li> <li>Gain top notch skills and experience in a high profile environment</li> <li>Competitive salary</li> <li>Short term perspective to advance</li> </ul> Riga Wed, 08 Jan 2020 12:19:36 +0200 n-fuse SIA Sat, 30 May 2020 07:00:00 +0300 Site Reliability DevOps Engineer Latest Cloud Techs Information Technologies