LikeIT jobs LikeIT | Your work in Information Technologies starts here! 60 LikeIT KohanaPHP Senior JAVA developer for a unique Berlin based SaaS-company in Riga office (@VEF). Start at EUR 3800 gross + bonuses at Taubers Consulting e. K. <h2 class="p1">Your skills</h2> <ul class="ul1"><li class="li2">Profound knowledge in JAVA programming</li> <li class="li2">Bachelor (or comparable level) in Computer Science or similar</li> <li class="li2">English language at least B2 Level</li> </ul><h2 class="p1">Teams and Tasks</h2> <p class="p4">We are looking for a developer to become part of 3-5 developers who are managing the SaaS Platforms.</p> <p class="p4">Tasks include e.g.</p> <ul class="ul1"><li class="li2">High performance algorithms for searching flights</li> <li class="li2">Connecting to internal data sources, both SQL and NoSQL</li> <li class="li2">Providing and consuming JSON/XML APIs</li> <li class="li2">Business Process Modelling (BPMN)</li> <li class="li2">Optimizing source code quality and deployment</li> </ul><h2 class="p1"><br />Tools, Technologies and Processes used</h2> <ul class="ul1"><li class="li5">JAVA 10</li> <li class="li5">Git</li> <li class="li5">Eclipse and IDEA </li> <li class="li5">Spring </li> <li class="li5">Microservices </li> <li class="li5">Hibernate </li> <li class="li5">MAVEN </li> <li class="li5">Jenkins, Bamboo </li> <li class="li5">Docker </li> <li class="li5">Jetty </li> <li class="li5">MySQL </li> <li class="li5">Redis </li> <li class="li5">SOAP/REST/JSON </li> <li class="li5">BPMN, ActiveVOS</li> <li class="li5">SonarQube</li> <li class="li5">Kanban, Scrum</li> <li class="li5">Atlassian Tools (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket)</li> </ul><h2 class="p1"><br />You'll get</h2> <ul class="ul1"><li class="li2">Opportunity to work in environment of exceptional software engineers (both in Berlin and Riga)</li> <li class="li2">Opportunity to occasionally work from the office in Berlin, while staying in the flat of the company and enjoying the beauty of Berlin</li> <li class="li2">Competitive salary package</li> <li class="li2">Entry-level salary EUR 3800 (gross), which will be reviewed annually or sooner (according to your own performance)</li> <li class="li2">Annual Christmas-bonus EUR 1500 (gross)</li> <li class="li2">Experience on international projects</li> <li class="li2">In case you don’t feel like working from the office on particular day, just tell your team and work from home</li> <li class="li2">Chance to work in the long-term-focused company with low employee turnover rate due to enjoyable company atmosphere and culture</li> </ul><p><br />Please send your updated CV ( to apply, and we will get in contact with you within the same or next business day.</p> Riga (VEF/Domina territory) Wed, 29 Jan 2020 13:19:01 +0200 Taubers Consulting e. K. Mon, 12 Oct 2020 23:59:59 +0300 Senior JAVA developer for a unique Berlin based SaaS-company in Riga office (@VEF). Start at EUR 3800 gross + bonuses Information Technologies