LikeIT jobs LikeIT | Your work in Information Technologies starts here! 60 LikeIT KohanaPHP Senior Software Developer at verify-U <p>We are looking for a Senior Software Developer to join our open and friendly Riga team to help us take over the world. Our core product combines OCR, face recognition, liveness detection and machine learning to deliver one of the fastest identity solutions on the market. Our frontend services are implemented in Elixir and AngularJS with back-end analytics running on Python and PL/pgSQL. This position is a great opportunity to contribute to a greenfield project in a dynamic market and help deliver a breakthrough product.</p> <h2 class="western">Your primary responsibility will be:</h2> <ul><li>Prototype and implement new features around our core identification product</li> <li>Implement web and mobile interfaces </li> <li>Work with dev-ops to build and scale back-end services</li> <li>Document APIs for cross-platform systems integration</li> </ul><p> Our ideal candidate:</p> <ul><li>has 5+ years of web-programming experience with solid knowledge of web, REST, mobile and SQL fundamentals. Experience in Python or Ruby is a plus. Exposure to Erlang, Lisp, Scala, or Haskell is a double plus. Boredom with Java/Spring also counts.</li> <li>is a curious problem solver who does not shy away from responsibility and is eager to tackle a high load/high availability server environment with high security constraints</li> <li>is able to write technical documentation and API implementations</li> <li>is able to read technical documentation and is eager to challenge oneself with knowledge of security standards such as ETSI EN 319 411 and data protection regulations</li> <li>is eager and willing to discover and introduce new tools to help solve our problems </li> <li>can work closely with administrators to implement and optimize a CI/CD pipeline</li> <li>is more a Stark than Lannister</li> </ul><h2 class="western">We offer</h2> <ul><li>2500+ net salary depending on experience plus bonuses</li> <li>opportunity for real professional growth</li> <li>office in the center of Riga</li> <li>open and friendly atmosphere</li> </ul><p>If you think that you fit our candidate profile, please contact us with your resume as we are very eager to meet you.</p> Riga Mon, 17 Jun 2019 18:09:36 +0300 verify-U Sat, 31 Aug 2019 23:59:59 +0300 Senior Software Developer Information Technologies