LikeIT jobs LikeIT | Your work in Information Technologies starts here! 60 LikeIT KohanaPHP Mid Level Site Reliability Engineer at <h2 dir="ltr">We welcome Mid-Level Site Reliability Engineers, who are expected to:</h2> <ul><li>learn from their Mentor - even if you are mid-level, there is so much to learn. And you got the best to learn from!</li> <li>have a clear goal in progression to become a Senior - we have a Power Up plan done together with a Senior colleague, who helps you set goals and achieve them</li> <li>be involved - ask questions, explore alternative solutions, challenge yourself and others</li> <li>get a mission! A big goal that will change your life and the life of others!</li> <li>be part of the family, ask for help and help others</li> </ul><h2 dir="ltr">What does it take to become Mid-Level Site Reliabiliy Engineer?</h2> <ul><li>send your CV or a simple e-mail to saying you want to join us</li> <li>have a conversation - we will get back to you very soon!</li> <li>complete a test to see if you meet the minimum requirement to be part of the team</li> <li>come to an interview to meet the team and learn more about our daily life</li> <li>pair program with our team member or have a technical conversation</li> </ul><p>Usually, you can easily complete the test, if you understand the basics of server side, have AWS experience or similar and have from a few months to a few years of relevant experience.</p> <h2>What is it like to be a Mid-Level Site Reliability Engineer?</h2> <ul><li>you are a part of our small SysAdmin team working together on company infrastructure solutions and tasks for our customers</li> <li>you get real-world tasks, set up, configure and see how your solutions work under real-life heavy load</li> <li>as a Midlevel Site Reliability Engineer, you will have independence for implementing non-critical tasks</li> <li>our Engineers are friendly and supportive like no others - they will help you with any challenges you will stumble upon</li> <li>you will get mentorship, knowledge sharing and solution review as well as a lot of pair-admining to make sure you do great and learn a lot!</li> <li>you start with the most progressive tech stack Kubernetes, Docker, SSO, Logstash, Prometheus, Graphana, Terraform, Vitess and much more!</li> <li>being a site reliability engineer in Scandiweb is a very special experience because, while there are more than 100 developers, there are only a few site reliability engineers, so you are joining a very small and friendly (and important!) family! </li> </ul><h2 dir="ltr">Benefits:</h2> <ul><li>Our team is well paid at competitive rates</li> <li>Paid vacation</li> <li>Paid sick leave and health insurance</li> <li>Paid summer office - relocate during Latvian winter to Morocco, Malta, Cyprus or Bali</li> <li>Crowd Bonus - every month colleagues reward each other</li> <li>Covered parking place</li> <li>Friday dinner with the company</li> <li>Atomic Parties - get funding for your  party idea, ask our HRs how much fun is happening</li> <li>Legendary parties, including the biggest corporate event in the Baltics, ScandiFest! Take part in fire walking, pottery making, and many more fun and challenging activities!</li> <li>Monthly pocket money - get small stuff on your own without bureaucracy</li> <li>Covered sports activities in addition to health insurance</li> <li>We want you to stand up and play - office foosball, ping pong, and snooker</li> <li>Optional travel abroad to meet our amazing customers and work together</li> <li>Paid conferences, from local ones to ones in London, San Francisco, and Las Vegas</li> <li>Flexible working hours - students are welcome!</li> <li>24/7 access to any of our offices. Choose your own place and style of work!</li> <li>Treats and vitamins: fruits, honey, and ginger will make you feel warmer in the cold season.</li> <li>Paid dry cleaning of your clothes - just hang them and get them cleaned back in a few days</li> <li>Weekly workshops on new technologies from your colleagues + professional certification</li> <li>Top-end equipment of your choice</li> <li>Access to our free and ever-growing library</li> <li>And much more…</li> </ul> Riga Mon, 02 Sep 2019 19:29:39 +0300 Wed, 02 Oct 2019 23:59:59 +0300 Mid Level Site Reliability Engineer Information Technologies Системный Linux администратор at IT Camp <h2>Обязанности:</h2> <ul><li>Администрирование серверов</li> <li>Обеспечение бесперебойной работы инфраструктуры  </li> <li>Написание документации и составление сетевых схем</li> <li>Оперативное решение инцидентов</li> <li>Мониторинг и предотвращение сбоев (Zabbix)</li> <li>Развертывание и модернизация инфраструктуры</li> </ul><h2>Требования:</h2> <ul><li>Опыт администрирования Linux (Centos, Debian) и веб-серверов (Apache/Nginx)</li> <li>Знания принципов сетевых протоколов, маршрутизации</li> <li>Опыт настройки сетевого оборудования Cisco или аналогов (switches, routers, firewalls)</li> <li>Опыт работы и настройки iptables, selinux/apparmor, с системами виртуализации (ProxMox, ceph)</li> <li>Знания принципов программирования на уровне написания скриптов (Shell, Ansible)</li> <li>Понимание принципов информационной безопасности будет считаться преимуществом</li> </ul><h2>Предлагаем:</h2> <ul><li>Оплата труда до 1800 EUR/нетто</li> <li>Возможности профессионального роста</li> </ul> Riga Tue, 10 Sep 2019 13:36:29 +0300 IT Camp Mon, 07 Oct 2019 23:59:59 +0300 Системный Linux администратор Information Technologies Dev Ops Engineer at <h3>We’re looking for a motivated, talented and experienced Dev Ops Engineer to come and join our growing family at Help achieve our goal of making it easy for businesses to speak to their customers and turn interactions into lasting relationships.<br /><br />The objective is simple but the results will bring ongoing value to all businesses, regardless of size or how far into their journey they are. Though we can’t do it alone.<br /><br />We truly believe in what we do and we’d like you to join us on our voyage. Make the most of this incredible opportunity, join our passionate team and let’s make it easy for millions of people around the world to communicate, together!</h3> <h2>Our culture and values</h2> <p>Less talk, more action<br />- See a bug/problem, fix it rather than complaining.<br />- Not sure what I’m doing, seek help. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to save face.<br /><br />Results rather than output<br />- I delivered x, y and z value instead of I spend 80 hours working this week.<br />- I delivered a solution that works for 80% of cases, instead of working for a solution that solves 100% of the problem.<br /><br />Empathy, not ego<br />- Work with others to find a solution rather than working alone because my idea is the best<br />- I take interest in my teammates and users and help them, instead of just doing what my job title says</p> <h2>Requirements </h2> <ul><li>3+ years of experience running large scale deployment</li> <li>Strong Linux experience</li> <li>Champion of automation</li> <li>Deep understanding and practical working knowledge of networking on cloud (VPC, firewall, Load balancers)</li> <li>Deep understanding and practical working knowledge of Configuration Management (Chef or Puppet)</li> <li>Champion of reproducible infrastructure (Infrastructure as code), using tools like Hashicorp Terraform and Hashicorp Packer</li> <li>Proficient in writing shell script</li> <li>Proficient in any one of the language, Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript</li> </ul><h2>Preferred</h2> <ul><li>Experience working with Google Cloud Platform</li> <li>Strong understanding of distributed computing</li> <li>Experience running Node.js applications in a production environment</li> <li>Experience running NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch) in a production environment</li> <li>Experience running in-memory key-value storages (Redis) in a production environment</li> <li>Experience running message brokers/message queues (Google PubSub, Redis PubSub, Kafka) in a production environment</li> </ul><h2>Bonus</h2> <ul><li>Experience in deploying a containerized application in cluster (eg: Kubernetes)</li> <li>Experience in using HashiCorp Vault to manage secrets (eg: API keys, passwords, or certificates)</li> <li>Academic background in computer science</li> </ul><h2>How to apply</h2> <p>Please send a (message/email) telling us about yourself and attach a resume as a PDF.</p> <p>Let us know what you can contribute to the team. Include the title of the position you’re applying for and your name in the subject.</p> <p>After you apply, you'll hear back from us within a day, even if we don't seem like a good fit.</p> <h2>About </h2> <p><br />We've been here for 7 years and we're growing every day. We began development in 2012, launched in 2013 ( and our remote team now spans 4 continents and 7 countries.<br /><br />We're proud to say we currently have 2.3 million users. On top of that, 50 million people see our widget every day and 250k conversations take place using software, daily.<br /><br />Our mission at is to empower businesses with the tools they need to get closer to their customers regardless of their geolocation or financial status. This is why we're committed to being free forever.<br /><br />We build great software and make it accessible to everyone and is currently the second most widely used live chat application in the world. See for yourself</p> Riga Mon, 10 Jun 2019 13:41:03 +0300 Mon, 30 Sep 2019 23:59:59 +0300 Dev Ops Engineer Information Technologies